December 2019 Real Estate Statistics for Old Farm

December 2019 was a good month for Old Farm real estate. Sales were up 20.0% along with the median and average home prices. 70 homes were sold in Old Farm during 2019.

The average time on market was only 13 days, so approximately 2 weeks! Homes are moving fast in your area!

The median home price was up 3.17% at $325,000 (year over year)

The average home price was up 9.21% at $337,750 (year over year)

The biggest issue facing the Colorado Springs housing market is the lack of inventory. There just aren’t enough homes for sale, especially in the more affordable range. To read more about this, please visit:

If you are thinking of selling, NOW is the time. With such high demand and low inventory, this means less competition for you! Please give us a call for a FREE property valuation.

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