The Old Farm neighborhood is one of the best communities in Colorado Springs. It’s hard to beat our parks, open spaces, trails, great schools and friendly neighbors.

While this site is not an official “HOA” site, we hope it serves as a means to bring Old Farm residents together. This site is absolutely free and was designed exclusively for you and your neighbors. Please contact us if you would like to make a suggestion on ways to improve your user experience.

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Home Maintenance Schedule

Ever wonder if you should be doing more to preserve your home? Check out this handy maintenance schedule for some helpful reminders to keep your house in tip-top shape! Monthly Inspect and change HVAC filters Clean kitchen sink disposal Inspect fire extinguishers Clean range hood filters Clean garbage can Quarterly

July 1 Old Farm Stats

Homes are selling fast in Old Farm! The average time on market was only 7 days for the month of June! Home prices are up again, with the average price increasing 7.73% and the median price increasing 10.14%! Currently there are 9 homes for sale in your neighborhood and 7

Colorado Springs Job Market

Colorado Springs Beats Denver in Job Market Outlook, according to The Gazette

According to the Gazette, Colorado Springs outranks Denver for hottest job market in the 3rd quarter. Colorado Springs ranked just ahead of Denver and five other cities at 28% but behind Charlotte, N.C.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Madison, Wis., which had the top three spots among the nation’s 100 largest