The Old Farm neighborhood is one of the best communities in Colorado Springs. It’s hard to beat our parks, open spaces, trails, great schools and friendly neighbors.

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real estate stats old farm march 2021

Old Farm Real Estate Stats March 2021

Old Farm Real Estate Stats March 2021 show that prices increased yet again in Old Farm in March, with the average price up 11.9% at $412,000. The median price rose 14.6% to $416,000. Sales were down 33.3% with 4 homes sold last month. Homes continue to sell very fast in this neighborhood

get the home you want in a time of no inventory

How to get the home you want in a time of no inventory

The lack of homes for sale has been hard on today’s buyers. This has created an environment of bidding wars, offers on multiple homes, and discouraged buyers. The lack of inventory has been plaguing not just our area, but the entire country. It’s not all bad news, though, because we

Buy a Home Before You Sell

Buy a Home Before You Sell Your Current One

Worried about trying to find a new home while selling your old one simultaneously? Did you know that there is a way to buy a home before you sell? In such an extremely competitive market, having a contingency makes it even harder.  A contingency is almost like an “if-then” situation.