Wooglin’s Is Moving Nearby!

Wooglin's Deli Colorado Springs

Wooglin’s Deli & Cafe is expanding! They are moving to a second location near Old Farm. The restaurant will be taking over a building that had housed a Borriello Brothers pizza restaurant, on the northwest corner of Barnes Road and Oro Blanco Drive.

While the previous location will become the new Robson Arena for hockey, the owners will reopen Wooglin’s inside the arena in 2021. So Wooglin’s is not gone from downtown forever, just temporarily, while the NE side also gains a taste of this neighborhood eatery.

To see the full article in the Gazette, click here


  1. Thanks for the highlight in Oldfarmnews! We look forward to being a long term neighborhood eatery for all people in the area. Hopefully we can do our part to build a space where people enjoy gathering, just as we have on the north end of downtown. Can’t wait for December!!

    1. Author

      We are very excited for some delicious, local eats!

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